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Milesstones of our company

1982 Foundation of the tyre service by company owner Bruno Göggel beginning with an assembly shop for passenger tyres.
1988 Beginning of the tyre wholesale. Regional car dealers within a radius of about 15 km were supplied by an own delivery van.
1992 The logistic system with its 24 hours delivery service was introduced.
1995 Start of the nationwide supply by packing service and introduction of the corresponding logistic system with a stock capacity of about 60.000 tyres.
1997 A central warehouse in the new commercial zone of Gammertingen was built with a stock capacity of about 140.000 tyres.
1999 The sales territory was expanded due to the nationwide supply to Austria.
2002 Our online shop with its 24 hours order possibility and price information was introduced. www.reifen-goeggel.de/shop
2007 25th anniversary of our company together with an open day on 15th July 2007 and more than 15.000 visitors.
2010 We expanded our territory doing nationwide distribution in Switzerland. The current storage area amounts to 40.000 m² with a stock capacity of more than 1.200.000 tyres.
2011 Visit of the chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel on 14th February 2011 at Reifen Göggel in Gammertingen
2013 The fully automated tire sorting and packaging machine was put into service
2015 A new administrative building was built
2016 Move into the new administration building at the central warehouse
2019 Reifen Göggel offers shop-in-shop systems for its own customers
2021 Start of construction of tire hall 8 (total investment in the next few years at 50 million euros)
2022 Major fire (warehouse 7)
2023 Preparation for the handover of the company
2024 Death of company founder and owner Bruno Göggel

continuation of the business by sons Wolfgang and Benjamin

Hall 8 goes into operation

Our goal for 2024: Satisfied and successful customers!